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1. Terms and Conditions determine rules related to the provision of services, liability and a stay in the Hotel and is an integral part of the agreement which shall be concluded at the moment of signing a registration card, as well as through making a reservation or paying an advance payment or the whole amount for stay in the Hotel. By the above acts, the Guest shall confirm that has familiarized and accept provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
2. The Terms and Conditions shall be applicable in the Hit Hotel and in relation to all people staying therein.
3. The Terms and Conditions are accessible at the Hotel Reception Desk, in every hotel room as well as on the website


1. A hotel room is rented for hotel nights.
2. Check-in is from 3 p.m. and lasts until 12 at noon of the following day.
3. If a Guest has not determined time of a stay on checking in, it is assumed that the room is being rented for one hotel night.
4. The Guest shall request for extending a hotel night at the Reception Desk until 10 a.m. on the day of the end of the stay at latest. The Hotel may not take into account the request for extension of hotel night in case of booking all bed places (rooms) or when Guests do not keep to the binding Terms and Conditions.
5. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse the request for extension of a stay of the Guest in the Hotel if the full payment for current stay has not been made.
6. The hotel night extension is paid additionally. Detailed information on the fees related to the hotel night extension shall be provided at the Hotel Reception Desk.


1. The basis for acceptance of the Guest is providing the Reception Desk’s employee with ID including picture as well as signing a registration card.
2. It is unacceptable to transfer the room by the Guest to others, even within a period of the Guest’s paid stay in the hotel.
3. The Guest shall be obliged to pay for the whole stay on the checking-in day at latest.
4. In case of high occupancy rate, the Hotel reserves the right to collect an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the reservation value within 14 days before the arrival. The advance payment shall not be returned in case of the cancelation by the Guest. If the advance payment is not credited on the Hotel’s bank account within the prescribed time, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
5. Persons who are not registered in the Hotel, may stay in the hotel room as guests from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
6. The Hotel may refuse to accept the Guest who grossly violated the Terms and Conditions during his/her previous stay.
7. In case of resignation by the Guest from a stay during the hotel night, the Hotel shall not return payment for this hotel night.
8. The reservations non-prepaid shall be maintained until 4 p.m. on the arrival day. If the Guest is falling to appear until 4 p.m. and inform the Hotel Reception Desk about delayed arrival, the reservation shall be canceled automatically.
9. While checking-out the Guest shall be obliged to leave the keys at the Reception Desk as well as to inform a Receptionist about leaving the room.


1. The Hotel provides services in accordance with its category. In case of any reservations concerning the quality, please report them at the Reception Desk with no hesitation which will enable the Hotel staff react immediately.


1. The Hotel bears responsibility for the loss or damage to items taken in by persons using its service in the scope laid down in Article 846-849 of the Civil Code, unless the Parties agree otherwise.
2. The Hotel Guest shall notify the Reception Desk about any damage as soon as it has been noticed.
3. The Hotel shall bear no liability for any loss or damage of valuables, stocks, money, artistic or science worth subjects, if the items have not been deposited or placed in a hotel safe.
4. The Hotel shall bear no responsibility for any damage or loss of a car or other vehicle that is owned by the Guest as well as items left inside or live animals, regardless whether the vehicles have been parked in the Hotel car park or outside its territory.
5. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept items of high value, including significant monetary amounts, items hazardous to the safety or large-scale items in the deposit.


1. Children under age of 12 should stay in the Hotel under permanent supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians shall bear material responsibility for any damages caused by actions of their children.
2. The Guest shall bear full material responsibility for any damaged or destroyed equipment or technical devices in the Hotel which were caused by the Guest or by persons visiting the Guest.
3. The Hotel reserves the right to debit the Guest’s bank card for the damages caused and found after the Guest’s departure and in case of the absence of the debit card data, the Hotel is entitled to bring its claim directly against the Guest.
4. In case of any failures or damages in the room, the Guest shall be obliged to inform the Reception Desk staff on that fact.
5. Each time the Guest is leaving the room, he/she shall turn off TV, switch off the lights, turn off the tap and close the door with a key due to safety reasons as well as leave the key at the Reception Desk.
6. Due to the safety reasons, the Guest staying in the room shall close the door from the inside with the key.
7. The Hotel has the statutory right of lien on the goods brought by the Guest to the Hotel in case of delay in payments for a stay or failure to pay for the services provided.


1. Personal items left inadvertently in the room by the leaving Guest, shall be sent to the indicated address at his/her expense.
2. In case of not receiving form the Guest instructions of sending left items back, the Hotel shall storage the items at the owner’s expense for three months since the checking-out and after this period the items shall become the property of the Hotel. Food products will be stored for 24 hours.


1. In the Hotel there are quite hours from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. of the following day.


1. Taking into consideration requirements for fire protection, it is strictly forbidden to use in the room any heating devices supplied with electricity that are not included in the premises fittings.
2. In the Hotel we accept animals for an additional fee of PLN 30/day.
3. In the entire Hotel smoking cigarettes or tobacco is prohibited. Non-compliance with the prohibition shall be a subject to a fine of PLN 500.
4. Behavior of the Guests and persons using the Hotel services shall not disturb a peaceful stay of other guests. The hotel may refuse to render any further services to a person who breaches the principle. Making an excessive noise in the Hotel, causing unpleasant smells or performing other actions which disturb, harm or irritate other Hotel Guests is prohibited.
5. In case of losing the key, the Guest shall be charged with a fee of PLN 50.